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Because we only have one of each of the costumes call for availability.
You can also buy most of these costumes from
350.00 to 500.00
Our Coustumes are made in the U.S.A we sell well-crafted, highly durable costumes and mascots. with guaranteed custom quality at factory prices. Costumes company costumes have also been used in major movies and television commercials.
Our Product Quality
Our mascots are far less expensive while being extremely durable. Heads and othe molded parts such as muscles and large feet are constructed with a molded plastic base foam which will not deteriorate or absorb moisture. our costumes are covered with fake fur, Fleece, or Spandex; are much lighter in weight; are more comfortable to wear; and are virtually indestructible.
Additional features include:
Easy Maintenance- Simply clean them with over the counter carpet shampoo and disinfectants. costumes bodies can be machine washed and hang dried.
Easy Fit-Fit a variety of sizes.
Easy to Replace- Additional parts or replacement parts are always available through Costume Company.
Animal Costumes & Mascots
unless otherwise pictured, costumes come complete with head, body suit, hands, and feetcovers. Heads can be Purchased Separately call for pricing on Coustme Heads. Shipping & handling costs are not included in the prices shown with costumes. Shipping costs are calculated based on your location.

            Chipmunk                                          Wildcat                                         Chihuahua                                   Raccoon
                Fox                                                  Moose                                           Turtle                                           Camel
            Bengal Tiger                                    Lamb                                           Badger                                         Panda Bear
               Polar Bear                                         Lion                                  Jubmo Elephant                                Henry Horse
           Brown Dog                                    Alli Alligator                                Dinosaur                                      Boo Bear
              Honey Bear                                  Giraffe                                             Donkey                                      Shark
              Wolf                                    Tan Dog wit Collar                    Monkey Happy Face                               Dragon
   Dalmatian with Fire Hat                          Frog                                           Moo Cow                                 Two person Horse
       Mister Mouse                                       Beaver                                             Pig                                         Ground Hog

          Brown Bear                                  Goldfish                                            Lobster                                           Squiral
               White Tiger                     Fighting Bull & Muscles                    Fighting Ram                           Fighting Buck
        Funcky White Dog                      Goofy Beaver                                       Otter                                      Cartoon  Lion
             Skunk                                                 Zebra                                          Unicorn                                    Regal Lion
              Bull Dog                                 Cartoon White Bear
Additional Mascots if you need to see the picture call us and we can send it.

    Bears :                              Cat Family:                      Dogs:
White Silly Bear                 Spotted Jaguar                        Brown Silly Dog
Muscle Bear                        House Cat                               Scottie Dog
White Bear                          Cougar                                    Poodle
                                             Leopard                                   White Dog
                                             Black Panther                          Great Dane
                                             Bobcat                                      Black Lab
                                            Orange Tiger                            GreyHound 
                                            Garfiled Cat                             Regular Dalmation
Ocean Animals:                  Forest Animals:                   Zoo Animals:
 Dolphin                               Silly Squirrel                    Kangeroo
Whale                                   Killer Bee                         Ram
Regular Alligator                Monkey                             Rhino
                                             Mole                                  Regular Donkey
                                             Brown Badger                   Gorilla Head
                                             Silly Racoon
                                             Big Bad Wolf
                                             Bumble Bee
Farm Animals:
Two Person Horse
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